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Why use a
Spade anchor?

Your anchor is the main component keeping your boat secure and must be able to be quickly dropped to the seabed in order to immediately provide a secure anchorage for the vessel and crew.

Our Spade anchor features a honed tip that holds 50% of the total anchor weight, enabling it to always fall to the seabed the correct way up and dig in as soon as it touches the bottom. Even before the boat’s anchor rode pulls on it, the anchor is digging itself in. The more honed and weighted the tip, the easier it is for the anchor to penetrate the ground.

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Ancre de navigation spade
Performance ancre bateaux spade


The Spade anchor’s specifications have been meticulously studied in our workshops to ensure it is quick and efficient to use.

Securité ancre bateaux spade


The Spade anchor’s quick penetration and great holding power are key to ensuring the security of your boat and crew.

Simplicité ancre bateaux spade


No more complicated manoeuvres for dropping anchor! Spade anchor drops perfectly to the seabed in all conditions and pivots to always remain effectively positioned.

Innovation ancre bateaux spade

Steel, stainless steel or aluminium?

721 ancre bateaux spade acier

Galvanised steel
Spade anchors

Our galvanised steel anchors adapt perfectly to suit your boat and ensure maximum security. Thanks to its honed tip, concave shape and weight ranging from 5.5 kg to 170 kg, we have the ideal anchor to suit your boat model. Enjoy sailing with peace of mind guaranteed.

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Stainless steel
Spade anchor

Boasting greater performance, the stainless steel Spade anchor is suitable for all boat types. Thanks to its cutting-edge technical specifications and great holding power, it meets the expectations of even the most demanding sailors. Our range has more than 11 products. Take a look at them today.

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Spade anchor

Recommended for secondary anchorage and ideal for medium boats up to 25 metres, the aluminium Spade anchor will surprise you with its ease of use, excellent holding power and light weight. Discover our various models and choose one to partner your primary anchor and ensure your boat is securely held in all situations.

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Putting our
anchors to the test

For over 20 years, our Spade anchors have been a hit with the French and international media including Voiles et Voiliers, Voile magazine, and Practical Sailor. Our company is excited and extremely proud to see our anchors often appear at the top of the test results and rankings.

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Ambassadeurs Spade Anchor
Temoignages clients ancre spade


After sailing full time a board during One year arround The Mediterrânean, anchoring 98% of The time, in The most hard conditions, very soft mud, hard seewed, 45kts winds, im totaly impressed with The performance of my Spade, on of The best upgrades i have done on my 47feet Yacht. I ...

Sales MÁrio

After sailing from the Uk to Gibraltar and anchoring most of the time we decided to research the best anchor for us. We finally purchased a Spade anchor in Ibiza , since we started using it we have found it to set immediately and dig in with ease. After putting an anchor bridle we set the ...

Philip Morley

After sailing on the mediterranean full time a board on ower 47f sailboat on the Last 2 years, and because we anchor as much as possible. I read and thalk a lot with other sailors, and take the decision to go for a Spade anchor. The Sea Tech&Fun staff was very helpefull and ...

Sales MÁrio

Et pour quelle raison achèteriez-vous une Spade ? (expérience vécue) Propriétaire d'un Océanis 361, je prévois de réaliser un tour de l'atlantique d'ici 2 à 3 ans. Navigant la plupart du temps entre le Finistère nord et l'Ile D'Yeu, je privilégie toujours les mouillages, ce qui ...


Mon voilier de 15 mètres est équipé d'une S120 avec 100 m de chaine 10mm. J'en suis très satisfait. Après 5 ans sans problème et en prévision de mouillages profonds et isolés dans le Grand Nord, je viens même d'en acheter une deuxième !


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