Ancre Spade Sword Skrew - Ancres haute performance -

ANCRE de bateau : Fabricant de la fameuse Ancre SPADE. ANCRE SPADE, l’ancre brevetée haute performance qui domine tout les tests, de plus en plus demandée. ANCRE SKREW, l’ancre à hélicoïdale, qui vient d’être modifiée, pour tous vos mouillages permanents. L’ancre à vis … respectons les fonds marins. Nos ancres sont conçues pour vous assurer un maximum de sécurité par tous fonds, et toutes circonstances. Ceux qui l’ont adopté le disent : SPADE LA MEILLEURE ANCRE SUR LE MARCHE DU NAUTISME. De nombreux témoignages sur notre Ancre Spade nous parviennent régulièrement. Essayer l’Ancre Spade, c’est l’adopter.

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2009 November : Result of the test/comparison : "SPADE, the Star of the test"

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Result of the test/comparison made by the magazine "Voiles & Voiliers" on the boat of the SNSM (Sea Rescue) of La Ciotat during 2 days in real conditions. SPADE gets the rank Nr 1: I quote: "SPADE, the Star of the test"

In order to avoid any controversy, the magazine has decided to record all the curves of traction effort. Please find it on PDF at

On top of that, first time, all the videos are available on their website. The Spade has been deeply compared to the Delta and the CQR, 2 anchors that are much too often installed as original anchor on the new boats by the manufacturers.

To see the Delta working, please click on the following link: " One of the most widespread "new generation" anchor is far from giving the best performance of this test"

To see the CQR working, please click on the following link: " Amazing! The CQR, which was in the lead of our previous test, has strongly disappointed us. A poor penetration despite its long shank and a very bad holding. When examining it in details, we understood: the test model was « mechanic welded » when the original was forged. Incomprehensible for this anchor that is the most expensive of the test.

To see the Spade working, please click on the following link: “ Spade, a must of resistance: Thanks to its design and to its ballasted tip, the Spade digs in every single time until full disappearing. The Spade digs immediately and has been the only one to reach 2 tons of traction in less than 1 minute (constant holding). Above 2.1 Tons, we had to stop the test at the risk of seeing wedges tearing away from the deck!!! “