Ancre Spade Sword Skrew - Ancres haute performance -

ANCRE de bateau : Fabricant de la fameuse Ancre SPADE. ANCRE SPADE, l’ancre brevetée haute performance qui domine tout les tests, de plus en plus demandée. ANCRE SKREW, l’ancre à hélicoïdale, qui vient d’être modifiée, pour tous vos mouillages permanents. L’ancre à vis … respectons les fonds marins. Nos ancres sont conçues pour vous assurer un maximum de sécurité par tous fonds, et toutes circonstances. Ceux qui l’ont adopté le disent : SPADE LA MEILLEURE ANCRE SUR LE MARCHE DU NAUTISME. De nombreux témoignages sur notre Ancre Spade nous parviennent régulièrement. Essayer l’Ancre Spade, c’est l’adopter.

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SPADE anchors have been frequently mentioned in the press of the world. Here are some examples.

FRANCE - Voiles et Voiliers (Décembre 1999)

The SPADE anchor is elected "Coup de Coeur" for the Paris Boat show 1999.

FRANCE - Bateaux N° 495 (août 1999) \ Neptune Moteur N° 40 (juin 1999)

These two French magazines have published a comparative study of the most common anchors on the market.

Their results : for identical design and surface area the anchor’s weight has nearly no influence on the holding results (as demonstrated by the SPADE anchor).

The steel anchor SPADE has been selected as the best anchor : "immediate setting and remarkable holding".

The aluminum SPADE anchor has been selected as the best anchor : "aluminum equivalent to steel"

GERMANY - Transocean - N° 79 - Janvier 1998

"It’s not my job to research all the new products on the marine market, or to promote them.

However, when I come across something really valuable, I feel I really must let the world know".

ENGLAND - Practical Boat Owner N° 427 - July 2002

"Best Performer : THE SPADE !"

"The SPADE was the best performer for a given weight. It was roll stable and held extremely well. It was also the most deeply buried anchor."

ENGLAND - Yachting World - February 2001

"Absolutely brilliant!"

"The SPADE sets very quickly and holds exceptionally sell - in fact, so well at times that the electro windlass can’t break it out and we bad to motor it out. We use the recommended 20 kg size. The SPADE has had rave reviews in publications all over the world and performed excellently in many tests. I’am impressed.

ENGLAND - Practical Boat Owner n° 391 Juillet 1999

"I was tired of anchoring problems, and I chose the new SPADE anchor because it has the optimal tip-weight, the ideal contact geometry for rapid penetration, and an effective surface area of concave profile which will guarantee it the highest holding resistance.

In short, the designer got it all right ! Three months of navigation later, I have found it to be a very good choice."

USA - Pratical Sailor December 2001

Gear of the Year : Top 10 Products for 2001

Making its second appearance in the Gear-of-the-year derby, the aluminum SPADE anchor has been a stand-out in Practical Sailor’s series of anchors tests.

Anchoring is a complicated undertaking made even trickier by widely varying conditions. The multiple-test approach and the SPADE’s consistent showingmake it the first product to make two appearances on Gear-of-the-Year lists.

It costs a great deal of money, but in the PS tests it at performed at or near the top of the heap in all conditions. It sets well, despite its light weight, and stows and handles easily.

USA - Pratical Sailor November 1999

SPADE anchor has won "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR"

USA - Pratical Sailor Volume 25 Janvier 1999

USA - Practical Sailor - February 1998

USA - Seven Seas Cruising Association - May 1998

USA - Cruising world - November 1998